Tuesday, January 10, 2017

YE "Migration: Europe's Crisis or Opportunity". 11-19 Feb

11-19 February 2017 (11th is arrival day, 19th is departure)

Chalet Honsbësch, Luxembourg

8 participants (of age 16-30) 

Luxembourg, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Turkey


With "Migration: Europe’s Crisis or Opportunity?" project we tend to raise awareness about these situations among young people. This exchange will bring 40 young people from Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Estonia and Turkey in October 2016 to Luxembourg. We want to make them think deeper about the topic and learn more about this issue and help in solving the problems we face every day. Together with our partners we have decided to create a project curricula which will educate young people about this common problem and this not very often debated topic into them community.
"Migration: Europe’s Crisis or Opportunity?" project has 3 main priorities:
- teaching young people about the topic of refugees and asylum seekers
- Increasing awareness about the problem
- Providing relevant information to the wider public about the topic by using different media.


The accommodation will be a big scouts center called “Chalet Honsbësch” located in the city of Differdange in Luxembourg. There are enough places to accommodate 42 people and there is a big activity room that offers enough space for 49 people. A full equiped kitchen and all the needed sanitary are available and the place is surrounded by beautiful nature. (Still near to everything else like bus station etc...)

Travel cost

We reimburse you 100% of your travel cost for the way go and back. The reimbursement limit is according to your distance in kilometers.
Estonia - 170 €
There is a participation fee of 30 euros that will be charged from every participant of the exchange. 

The application deadline is 1st of February 2017

More information about the project could be found here
In case of any question contact

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